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UnattendedPayments from ADVAM is changing the way consumers make purchases while they’re out and about.

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UnattendedPayments – the fully featured unattended solution

UnattendedPayments enables you to offer your customers a wider range of ways to pay easily, quickly and securely. It's a solution that also reduces cash management issues, minimising staff and equipment security concerns. UnattendedPayments is an end-to-end solution that has been developed by ADVAM, and because the terminals are EMV certified, we're ideally placed to guide you through the journey to implementation.

How it works

Install and pay

Our solution encompasses the installation of a UnattendedPayments reader in your equipment and the complete integration of your customers' payment journey into our process. Consumers then pay by swiping their card, entering their PIN, or using an NFC-equipped device to tap or touch for contactless payment.

Seamless, secure payment

Their payment is processed reliably and efficiently from their bank to your preferred bank through ADVAM's payment gateway. It's a proven processing capability that's fully secure, compliant and integrated with acquiring banks, and it's also compatible with mobile device wallet solutions.

You can do more with UnattendedPayments

Some of UnattendedPayments's other features include:

  • Management reporting linked to your business intelligence solution
  • Review and act upon live revenue information
  • Installed into your existing or new equipment
  • Tested to perform in a broad range of physical environments

Through the Gateway

UnattendedPayments is delivered through the ADVAM Gateway. It’s fully secure, compliant and integrates with your preferred acquiring bank.

Will UnattendedPayments work for me?

UnattendedPayments is perfect for these sectors: