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AltitudeReservation – the fully featured, fully configurable parking reservation platform.

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What's fantastic is its flexibility

Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could customise your parking reservation platform to match your needs exactly? With AltitudeReservation, that's exactly what you can do. AltitudeReservation leads the market for next-generation online reservation platforms. Its state-of-the-art flexibility means you can configure the booking journey to meet your needs - and we're on hand to advise you on the best way to maximise booking conversions.


How it works

Intuitive online booking

Consumers select and reserve the car park they want to use, book any other services you wish to offer, and then pay.

Drive in, park
and go

Once they arrive at the car park, their journey is easy. There's no ticket to collect, no change to find, and with less congestion around the car park, fewer hassles entering or leaving.

Take it further

AltitudeReservation’s administration portal lets you create new products, change tariffs or alter capacity according to usage and seasonal trends.

You can do more with AltitudeReservation

Some of AltitudeReservation's premium feature and add-on modules include:

Through the Gateway

AltitudeReservation is delivered through the ADVAM Gateway. It’s fully secure, compliant and integrates with your preferred acquiring bank.

Will AltitudeReservation work for me?

AltitudeReservation is perfect for these sectors: