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ePark – the app that transforms the simplicity of on-street and barrierless off-street parking

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ePark is a white label app that enables you to offer
an easy-to-use cash-free alternative. With ePark, you can minimise the problems
associated with cash payments, support your enforcement team, gain valuable customer information,
improve cash flow and provide a platform to engage with your customers –
while simultaneously delivering a range of consumer benefits too.

How it works

Simple to join,
simple to use

Consumers download
the app and register
their car and
payment information.

Park, pay and walk

Drivers select the
parking product you
have made available
for the car park.

Benefit from

Payments go directly to your bank, reducing fraud, improving cash flow, securing valuable customer data and maximising consumer loyalty.

You can do more with ePark

Some of ePark's other features include:

  • Hassles associated with cash are removed
  • Choice of parking options including start/stop for timed parking, a range of pre-defined parking periods, or other tariffs such as Early Bird rates
  • Option to provide a wider range of parking products to meet broader customer needs
  • Create special offers and promotions to maximise loyalty and usage
  • Delivered to your customers, in your brand

Through the Gateway

ePark is delivered through the ADVAM Gateway. It’s fully secure, compliant and integrates with your preferred acquiring bank.

Will ePark work for me?

ePark is perfect for these sectors:

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