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ADVAM Represents at 2017’s Airport Parking Network Event

Posted 28 October 2017, Australia

With nearly half of all European airport customers arriving by car, airport parking continually presents itself as being increasingly influential of the customer experience and a promising source for the industry’s revenue.

This November, ADVAM returns to Airport Parking Network Event (APNE) to lend the travel sector its industry expertise by demonstrating how airports can maximise parking opportunities through pursuing a frictionless parking future.

ADVAM will be delivering a workshop which demystifies what frictionless parking is, the benefits it yields, and how it can be used to optimise your airport’s parking facilities. Attendees will be able understand how airports around the world are maximising their use of frictionless parking through examining real-life business cases which demonstrate the benefits of fully-integrated, ticketless technology.

By providing a parking experience which introduces choice, flexibility and efficiency to airport parking consumers, this session will provide a clear understanding of how frictionless parking and its convergent technologies can be a powerful and prosperous tool to both your business and your customers.

Want to learn more?

Visit the APNE website for more information, or click here to register your attendance.

Tags:  airport / events / frictionless / parking / ticketless parking