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ADVAM is updating its infrastructure to meet the latest security protocols.
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More information on GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation on data protection for personal identifiable information across Europe and replaces the 1995 EU Directive on data protection.

Although GDPR is a European Directive, it does not solely apply to organisations located in Europe. GDPR applies to all organisations that manage, store and process personal identifiable information of European residents. More information regarding GDPR can be found at

This is the largest reform in data protection and from the moment that it comes into force, it will be the most stringent regulation on data management. As such, ADVAM is updating its global policies and procedures to comply.

All of ADVAM’ Clients and contacts that provide personal identifiable information to ADVAM need to be aware of this reform and our change to the ADVAM Privacy Policy.

Update to ADVAM Privacy Policy

The ADVAM Privacy Policy has been updated to ensure that it complies with regulations outlined in GDPR. The ADVAM Privacy Policy outlines our processes for managing data, including the data of our partners, our clients and their consumers.

As a client of ADVAM please ensure that you are familiar with our processes, especially when exercising a contact exercises their Rights.

The ADVAM Privacy Policy is available here